Me to G: “We have to do something about guns in this country. This is crazy. This cannot happen”

G said we need two things: better mental health screening and care…and some way to keep guns our of their hands.

Right now all I can think is that I want to move to Europe.

The right to bear arms is not worth this price.

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  1. Hi PK,

    I know this is hitting you really hard because you have a young child right now. With me, I was brought back to 1990 when my own daughter was 7 and in 1st grade. Now she’s 29 and a DVM, but those memories feel like survivor’s guilt now, and it hits me whenever I see that number 20 online, on TV or reading a paper.

    The gun control issue is clear, cut and dried as to what should be done. It’s the political will that is unclear and daunting. But even more unclear than that is the mental health issue. No one really knows what to do about it. Where do we even start?

    Witness this mother’s anguished story about her own son and his mental problems.


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