What It’s Like Here

Remember this photo post? I think I did it in the new year last year. If anyone would like to join in a photo post showing us a little bit of your world — just let me know in the comments and I’ll post a link in an update (I’ve never figured out the linky thing).

I have a few posts brewing: one about the new year and balance — and writing. I have to let something loosen; I spend a lot of time feeling like I am not mothering well enough, not keeping a “good” house, not connecting enough with friends or my spouse, not, essentially living the life I want to inhabit — so I’m trying to give some serious thought to what I am capable of changing.

My husband has pleaded with me not to write the next post in the queue — which should be entitled “Why Did No One Mention My Daughter’s Dream School was Esoteric Spritual Mid-Wifery” or something to the effect — there’s a whole host of reasons, long and complicated, why I haven’t written about it earlier — it’s going to take a bit more time because there is a very vocal community online that counters any criticism one might have for Waldorf education and before I throw myself into the fray I want to really build a strong post. While you wait for that one I’d ask you to ask yourself what your own impressions are of Steiner/Waldorf (if any at all). Hold on to your comments for the post though — I sense it might cause a dust-up — not with regulars on this blog but with proponents of it. I’m heartbroken really — and I needed some time to sit with the information that I learned and how I felt about what was and wasn’t transmitted to me as a prospective/involved parent (we were there for a for a year and a half.)

I’ve planned on writing about running, about the fascinating topic of why I’m going GF … I guess if I write enough about what I plan to write that I might actually write a post — even though in order to do it Z is staring at the children’s channel while pouring cheerios onto the seat of the stationary bike.

Anyway… What It’s Like Here 2013

Join us?

Jjiraffe (the writer behind the Faces of ALI series and the woman I can call, seriously, my fashion guru) at Too Many Fish To Fry

Elizabeth –brilliant author of Project Progeny — working on her dissertation in cultural anthropology  — settling now in Bogota after time in Albania.

Rex — I met Rex through Eden — and we’ve caught glimpses of one another’s world through both our blogs and Instagram — and, if I ever get my act together, she’s promised to be my pen-pal –the old-fashioned way. I see in her world and life so much I recognize — wholly different, but somehow entirely familliar … it is indeed a miraculous world sometimes… and there is the miracle of connection… if you are paying attention.  You have to read her blog — and visit her world at A Sculptured Life

8 responses

  1. Um… how did I not have the url for your new space?! Well that has been rectified! I love your what it’s like here. I remember doing one myself after you did last. Maybe I should again. I had a lot of fun with that.

    It looks cold there. It feels cold here because we have no heat, but it looks WAY colder there.

    SOOOOOOOOO glad to be reading you again. 😉

  2. Yay! I love this feature: I’ll write mine 🙂 Beautiful photos. I’ve been reading “Little Cabin in the Big Woods” to the kids and this reminds me of that beautiful book.

    I’m so sorry the Waldorf school isn’t what you’d hope it would be. Honestly, I have been considering homeschooling!! Because I am completely cray cray 😉

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  4. As soon as I can get my photos organized…

    I love how your photos can make me feel cold and warm at the same time.

    I know nothing about Waldorf schools… very curious what your take is, though, since we’ve signed up both our kids for an “alternative” preschool beginning in February.

  5. I did some reading on the Waldorf schools on Wikipedia – cause I had no idea about them at all. Just like with anything that doesn’t fit the “norm”, one has to be cautious and ask a lot of questions. You will probably stir up a lot of controversy but you have a right to your opinion, just like anyone else. You can always password protect it if you choose.

  6. Your photos are so magical Pam. Your question is really interesting, I come from a line of public school teachers and they have expressed their thoughts on steiner and waldorf to me. They have believed in components of these teaching styles but not as a exclusive type of education…. It will be interesting to read your post. I am sorry for your heartbreak and you find something suitable for your gorgeous daughter. xo

    Oh and heres my link….. I got my act together. http://asculpturedlife.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/life-from-here.html

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