Honor Susan

Mel wrote a post today that reminded me that it has been a year since Susan,of Toddler Planet,died.

I did not know Susan well though she was in the circle of women who I knew through blogging… I came to her blog only after her diagnosis and years into it. I came to her blog as a resource after finding out that my best friend had been diagnosed with what ultimately has been metastatic breast cancer. My friend is also a mother of two boys. It was Susan’s blog that gave me the idea to do the quilt that I ultimately did for my friend — squares of love contributed from every corner of her life –a few from women across the country who she had never met. I would never have had that idea had I not come to Susan’s blog … A place which offers wonderful cancer resources but is also the open hearted journey of one family’s story… it exemplified everything that I admire about blogging. There was one thing that she wrote that I will never forget. In fact, I wrote it up and put it on my Pinterest board.


Let me quote from DC Moms:

Today, we at the DC Moms challenge you to do as Curt asked in his farewell post on her blog Toddler Planet: “Please consider furthering Susan’s legacy through a contribution to theInflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Or please choose to make a difference somewhere, anywhere, to anyone.”
Help us honor Susan’s memory by donating to the organization that meant so much to her and delighting in what made her happy — your children, your spouse, your forever friends.

2 responses

  1. I love love love that quote. It is true, though it’s also the words you say. I think those words stick around too. A wonderful tribute to her.

  2. I went to her blog a few times last year – it was so eerie – to read her words and know that she died leaving a family…..heartbreaking – she was an url, but she was a person who had a life, I wonder if one day her child will find that blog and read her words…..

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