I imagine I’ll be coming to this space more — as you have been elected as my new therapist.  


I decided to find someone to help manage some low-lying anxiety, some difficulty still navigating issues surrounding my mother — pretty much anything I’ve ever written here.  I chose someone who had 30 years in the field — who integrated Buddhism in her practice.  


You would think you would have heard a wide range of things over that length of time, crafted lots of responses so that when someone is retelling a core part of her story (ie my father’s murder) the therapist says “oh, so there as a lot of blood, huh?”





Blinking.  There was a lot of blinking on my part and then the dawning realization that perhaps sitting in a chair talking about these things, essentially paying a wise listener — maybe the time would be better used writing to you.  

It goes without saying that this WAS NOT HELPING MY ANXIETY.

I’m rusty here so forgive me.  I’ll try to write again soon.