At around 8:30 this evening our son had an accident on his longboard. We don’t know how or exactly when but we do know one thing: he was not wearing a helmet. He is in the ICU — these next three days are critical. I don’t ask for prayers. Often but I’m asking them for W now….

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  1. I’m here from my cousins Blog. I really hope and pray your son makes it through this terrible time. He seems like a fighter and so do you. Sending all the best Juju I have your way and hoping for the best. Love and more love. M

  2. Hi Pam, I’m here from Eden’s blog.

    I want to tell you about my friend Carina, who suffered an aneurysm three years ago (I know it’s not the same thing but it is a brain injury). She was home alone and called the ambulance herself, but she was unconscious by the time they arrived. She was in a coma for a couple of weeks and there wasn’t much hope for her. There were several surgeries, and they removed a piece of her skull because her brain kept swelling up dangerously. But then she started trying to open her eyes and move around when she heard our voices. She woke up. She did rehab for a year to get her mobility and her brain function back, got her licence back, and in March this year she got married.

    I’m thinking of you in this hard time. Don’t forget that even when there is no hope, there is always hope.


  3. Hi Pam, I’m here from Eden’s blog, wishing your son a speedy recovery, and lots of best wishes to you and your family while he is recovering. Which he will do. xx

  4. I’m also here from Edens blog, sending you lots of love and hope.

    Our friends 16yr old son fell off a headland (about 20metres) and broke his fall with his FACE! many broken bones and lots of bleeding in the brain.

    It was a tough week whilst he was in ICU with no skin on his face but his recovery has been excellent. He is at home now, slowly getting back to his study, he’s still a bit scatty about some things but he is ALIVE and at HOME and just as handsome!

    Hope WIlli bounces back just as quickly… big love.. Brenda

  5. I am here from Exens blog. I pray for Willi, for you and your family. I wish you strength and courage. xx

  6. Wishing Willis a speedy recovery! And sending you and the extended family the mental and physical strength to cope with the challenges being faced. H xx (sent by Eden)

  7. Hi Pam, I am also here from Eden’s blog. My thoughts are with you, Willi & all your family & friends – sending you strength, courage, love & hope. xx

  8. Sending my best wishes for Willi via Eden. A horrid time for parents and family but I really believe you will have him back soon. He’s a strong boy and medical advances are wonderful things. He will have much better treatment than my uncle did 43 years ago, that was very serious but he is still living his life here today. Take care you guys.

  9. Pam – I’m visiting from Eden’s blog to wish you and your boy well and to share a story. Three years ago a very dear friend and co-worker of mine fell off a roof (there was alcohol involved) and to the best that anyone could surmise, knocked his head on a block wall on the way down and then on the pavement. The doctors described spots of bleeding all over his brain, as if his brain had bounced around inside his skull and was bruised in multiple areas. He was in a coma when his cohort climbed down and remained so for days. They ended up having to do a craniotomy – he was without a part of his skull for several months. Willi may not like wearing helmets while riding his skateboard – but he’s going to have to suck it up and put one on until they put his head back together! Anyway – it was touch and go for some time, and the doctors prepared us for the worst – brain damage, etc. I want you to know that today my friend is about 95% of what he was – he is able to drive again (they took his license due to some seizures he was having post surgery), lives on his own and has a job.

    I hope this is the outcome for young Willi. I am sending you, your family, and especially Willi, all of the good vibes, ALL OF THEM, from California by way of Oz. xx, Tracy

  10. Hi Pam, I’m from Melbourne Australia. I read about Willi’s accident via Edens blog. I shed a tear and now send my love to you and your family. I like many others who have commented have heard of wonderful recoveries from brain injuries. The path is never easy but moments of wonderfulness always occur along the way. My thoughts and love are with you. Xxx

  11. I’m popping in from Edenland to leave some good lovin’ for you. your husband, Willi’s mum and especially for Willi. I don’t do prayer but I do care that he survives and continues to blossom within the embrace of all his family xxxx

  12. I am visiting via Eden’s Blog… neither of you know me – I am sending so many positive thoughts vibes your way to heal young Willi xoxox

  13. Sending you and your family prayers and much strength during this difficult time. All the way from down under via Eden.

  14. Hi Pam
    I’m here from Eden’s blog too…
    Sending you and your family hugs and love from across the ocean..
    I have a little boy, who will one day be a ‘big’ boy, full of action and a daring spirit, I’m sure just like your beautiful big son. Thinking of you and wishing Willi a good and strong recovery xox Danielle

  15. From Edens blog too, special prayers for Willi’s full recovery. My heart goes out your family in this very difficult time but am sure your lovely young man will be back with you soon

  16. Hi, Pam. Eden sent me. I am here to say I’m not here just because Eden said come, but because of how she described you, and because of the faces and smiles and light of you and your husband in the photo in her post. I am here because you deserve it and your Willi deserves it and he has my thoughts and prayers and hope and I wish you strength and Willi determination. The power of the internet shows itself again. You are cared for and thought of.

  17. I’m an Edenland friend. Sending you warm thoughts during this time. It is scary and exhausting sitting in the hospital, waiting and watching one you love. Those memories are fresh for me since I recently was in a similar spot when my beautiful, young boyfriend had a stroke. I remember the weight. I remember the exhaustion. And I remember the gratefulness of just being in a place that could help. And I remember the hope. Hanging on to that hope and the love of other got me through. So I’m passing on the torch of hope to you. Hold tight. And know you have so many people loving, praying, thinking, hoping for your lovely Willi

  18. Eden sent me via her beautiful blog post about your family & son, so I am sending you prayers and support from Sydney Australia, I pray that your son makes a great recovery.

  19. I’m here via Eden, sending support and hope your way. My cousin was in a boating accident about 7 years ago – he was on a tube and hit the side of a bridge support. They told our family that he would never wake up and he was in a coma. But heres the beauty of our story: He woke up! Seven years after – graduated last year and wants to be a police officer and has a beautiful girl who adores him. Don’t give up hope!

  20. I am thinking of you and am sending much virtual love and strength and peace. My brother had a catastrophic skateboarding accident when he was 14. I remember the hard stress of worrying about a young loved sibling. Thus, I send special thoughts of peace for Z. She’s very young and resilient. You all are, even if it doesn’t feel so in these tender early days. XOXOXO.

  21. Hi Pam,

    Another one dropping in from Eden’s blog, sending you and your boy oceans of support and health and positivity and peace.

    For what it’s worth, 5 years ago my boyfriend (then 30 years old) had a seizure during a sporting match and after 4 days in a coma it was discovered that he had multiple bleeds in his brain. I held onto the idea that he could still hear us, so I spoke to him a lot, described to him any procedures he was about to have, etc. After he came out of the coma and was piecing things together, he could recall who had visited him and spoken to him and even some of what was said. So keep talking to Willi and tell him whatever he needs to hear. You’ll know what to say.

    Apologies for the rambling – I’m writing this late at night with my phone on its dimmest setting, so as not to disturb my perfectly healthy, fully recovered, blissfully snoring boyfriend xxxxxx

  22. Eden directed me here.
    So from Galveston to your boy and your family, a speedy recovery.

    And tell him he didn’t have to go so extreme to get a scar to impress the ladies.

  23. Hi Pam, I’m also visiting from Eden’s blog. My family were recipients of love, support and prayers during a time when we needed it, so allow me to pay it forward. From my family to yours I wish you all much love, strength and encouragement. xx

  24. Hi Pam, I am visiting via Eden’s blog. I am sending all my love from Sydney, Australia to you and your family, especially to Willi, hugs as well, mx

  25. I’m here from a post on Facebook and then I read Edenland:In an instant…so that’s how I found you… I’m from Australia and I wanted to send a message of hope. Last October my son’s best friend was seriously injured in a car accident…the type of brain injury he had, his mother was told ‘People with this kind of injury do NOT come back from it… it’s serious, turn off the life support!’ She did NOT listen… ‘Nope, that’s my son there, and I know him, he’s strong and tough and he will recover…’ And he did. I saw him last week (I was in NYC til recently!) and you know what…he is AMAZING!!!! You wouldn’t even know he’d been injured!!! God bless…sending prayers and love from afar even though I do not know you!!! Blessings upon blessings to you and yours!!!

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