Marathon mile one.

The first night we sat with the neurosurgeon she gave us a few of the standard lines from neurological injury: it’s a marathon not a sprint. It will get worse before gets better.

Last night marked 72 hours the critical point. Though we probably understood it at the time I don’t think our brains allowed us to filter what they were actually saying. That this was the window where we might lose him.

All along even under sedation with the paralytics it is clear that his physical responses have been strong. When they lighten the sedation he rises quickly responding with squeezing of hands wiggling of toes.

Today they removed the paralytics. G sent me this text: Eyes open, hand squeezing, toe wiggling, and head shaking/nodding answers.

For 23.5 hours almost nothing and then boom.


Zoe woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. I won’t be going to the hospital today. It’s hard to be away.

Here is a link to our CaringBridge site:


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  1. thank you so much for the updates on twitter, here, and the caring bridge link. it is absolutely sobering to learn more details. and it also helps to be able to visualize more clearly what is happening, and the network of shocked love surrounding your son. it helps in order to visualize as a way of praying for his healing, to visualize the light of life and energy coming into him and re-knitting him together again whole. amen.

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